Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jean Block Stresses the Need for a Diverse Development Plan

Today’s funding climate requires all nonprofits to diversify their revenue, and community action agencies are no different! During today's Beyond the Basics webinar, Jean Block, of Jean Block Consulting, LLC, stressed to CAAs the need to diversify revenue sources by create a development plan. Jean shared tips how to get started on building a diversified development plan, the various types of fundraising and income generation you should include in your plan and the keys to success for a variety of fundraising applications.

Miss today's webinar?  You can view archived recordings and materials of all Beyond the Basics webinars anytime on the CAPLAW website.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dealing with Audit Findings -- Today's Financial Management Call

Today, Kay Sohl was joined by Mary Pockl and Mike Zeno, CPAs with S.R. Snodgrass A.C. to discuss strategies CAAs can use to prepare successful responses to both audit findings and concerns of funders and communities. As A-133 experts, Mike and Mary provided insight on the challenges auditors confront in identifying and reporting control and compliance weaknesses and questioned costs.  

If you missed today's call, Dealing with Audit Findings, you can view the recording of and access materials from the conference call on the CAPLAW website.

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